A One-of-a-Kind Personalized Journey to the Award Travel Lifestyle

Easy Go Traveler membership provides you with an expert consultant to help you discover the Award Travel Lifestyle. Your consultant guides you every step of the way from the moment you sign up as a Member until you're exploring far-off exotic destinations.

How Does Easy Go Traveler Work?

✓ Become a Member and work one-on-one with your consultant to develop personalized strategies based on your spending habits and your travel goals to maximize the points & miles on every dollar you spend

✓ Frequent check-ins with your consultant to make sure you are staying on track to meet your travel goals

✓ Access your personalized Easy Go Guidebook which will organize your points & miles portfolio and track your progress toward your next trip

✓ Receive exclusive Deal Alerts for points, miles, & travel opportunities

✓ Discover our network of exotic destinations & delightful global experiences shared by your consultant

✓ Use our Ticketing Service when it is time to book a flight - our experts will handle the legwork, from building itineraries to the painstaking process of finding & booking award tickets

✓ Wander the world in First Class style

For more details, check out Easy Go Traveler's Plans & Services.