"Whoa. This has multiple levels of genius to it."

— The Points Guy (source)

"I've been fortunate enough to get to know many of the top award travelers in the US and around the world over the last three years. There are plenty of amazing people who have learned to maximize both earning and redeeming points, but every now and then an individual truly stands out. JJ Todd, a 6’10” UNLV-trained general counsel and founder of the award travel concierge service Easy Go Traveler, is one such person."

— Richard Kerr, The Points Guy (source)

"We decided to do first class on Emirates so we could experience taking a shower at 25,000 feet!! We fly business class on Singapore and the best part is it is only costing us a couple hundred dollars in taxes and fees. Easy Go Traveler figured out all the tricks to convert our hotel, airline and credit card miles in the most efficient way... This trip alone would have cost more than $35,000 for our family... I can't recommend these guys enough."

 Jim (Member)

“I didn’t realize how much those points were worth until I saw the itinerary you sent me!"

— Jen (Member)

"Easy Go Traveler is on another level when it comes to earning and using points to travel the world in style and on budget. I thought I knew a thing or two about "credit card hacking," but after a couple discussions I soon learned I was just barely scratching the surface. 
I recently complained to him that I had to buy a bunch of new appliances, and he showed me some tricks that got me enough points for a free cross-country flight for doing so!" 

— John (Member)

"I sipped champagne and ate well in the reserved lounge before my flights, flew and slept in lay flat seats with a private chef on board, traveled to cities I’ve never been, and it was all neatly planned by my travel expert friend JJ. I can’t imagine flying economy again. Now that I'm hooked, JJ is helping me build my points back up to book my next adventure!"

— Jennifer (Member)

"Woohoo credit karma just let me know my credit score went way up to excellent!!!"

— Lauren (Member)

"This is the most attentive, value-providing travel company I've ever worked with. If you're lucky enough to work with JJ and Easy Go, you'll be treated to adventures you never thought possible."

 Rich (Member)

"Easy Go Traveler is like having an expert Points blogger on speed dial. It's amazing how quickly I'm now earning credit card points. Since joining, I've already taken two free trips to Asia. First Class on Singapore Airlines is an experience I'll never forget. This is the only way to fly!"

— Alex (Member)