Easy Go Traveler started because we wanted to share our love of travel with our Members. Once our Members have memorable travel experiences, we hope they'll want to share with their friends and family too.

When our Members spread the joy of an Easy Go Traveler membership, we want to say thank you. So, when a Member refers a new member to Easy Go Traveler, we'll give the referring Member a $100 Referral Bonus, applied as a credit toward upcoming Membership Dues.

Just ask the applicant to fill your name in the "Referral" box when they submit their Application.


A Referral Bonus can only be earned by an Easy Go Traveler Member with an active account in good standing. The Applicant (new Member) must provide the referring Member's name at the time of submitting the Application. Applications without the referring Member's name will not be eligible for the Referral Bonus. The Referral Bonus will be credited to the referring Member's account after the Applicant is approved for membership and keeps an account in good standing for 90 days. Easy Go Traveler reserves the right to rescind the Referral Bonus if the Applicant does not maintain an account with Easy Go Traveler open and in good standing for at least one year. Applications that are not accepted by Easy Go Traveler are not eligible for the Referral Bonus. Referral Bonus is only available for new Applicant (including Companion) who has not previously had a membership with Easy Go Traveler. Non-Members and Members with inactive or delinquent accounts are not eligible to earn a Referral Bonus. All unused Referral Bonus fees (i.e., fees earned that have not yet been applied toward a Membership Dues) will be forfeited upon the termination of a Member's membership. Easy Go Traveler reserves all rights, including the right to suspend, alter, or cancel the Referral Bonus program at any time without prior notice.