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  • Membership is designed for leisure travelers and includes Ticketing Services for two trips per membership year.

  • Membership commitment continues quarterly for a minimum of one year. Commitment extends annually upon ticketing a trip in any subsequent membership year.


  • One-time Activation Fee: $50

  • Add-on Ticketing Services (if you’re lucky enough to travel more than twice per year): $250 per trip

  • Non-Member Ticketing Fee (per person):

    • Member’s child (under 25): $50 per trip

    • Non-Member: $250 per trip

  • Close-in Ticketing Service Requests

    • Last minute award seats can be more difficult to find. We encourage members to give as much notice as possible so we can find the best available deals. Close-in Ticketing Service requests can be accommodated for an additional fee:

      • Requests less than 90 days before departure: $100

  • Changes/Cancellations to ticketed trips (includes changes to dates, routings, passengers, etc.): $100 plus airline charges

  • Members may gift Ticketing Services to children and non-members. Click HERE to see how gifting a trip works.