Single Membership*


  • Earning Strategies for One (1) Member

  • Booking Services for One (1) Member

  • Two (2) Full Concierge Bookings per Membership year

  • Four (4) Award/Price Checks per Membership year

  • One (1) Easy Go Amenity Kit

Companion Membership*^


  • Earning Strategies for Two (2) Members

  • Bookings Services for Two (2) Members

  • Two (2) Full Concierge Bookings per Membership year

  • Six (6) Award/Price Checks per Membership year

  • Two (2) Easy Go Amenity Kits


*Membership Details

  • Membership commitment is a minimum of one year.

  • One-time Membership Activation Fee is $50.

  • Full Concierge Booking Services for a non-member accompanying a Member is available for a surcharge of $250 per booking.

  • Minor Children Option #1: Add minor children to your Membership plan for $25 per quarter per child. These children can then be added to any Booking Services reservation and use Booking Services if they travel alone. Additional Easy Go Amenity Kit also included.

  • Minor Children Option #2: Add Full Concierge Booking Services for a Member's minor child as needed for a surcharge of $50 per booking per child. This option is better for Members who typically travel without children but want the option to add a child on occasion.

  • Contact us to discuss Corporate Membership plans.


Membership Services


Personalized Points/Miles Earning Strategies

Work with an expert consultant to maximize points & miles earning opportunities. Members receive:

  • A one-on-one "Intro Meeting" with your expert consultant to set your travel goals and customized points & miles earning strategies

  • Quarterly one-on-one check-ins to sharpen your point/miles skills and review status toward meeting your travel goals

  • Tailored credit card strategies based on your spending habits

  • Advice on maximizing credit card rewards on daily purchases

  • Lessons on earning miles in unexpected places, such as making mortgage/rent and car payments on credit cards

  • An introduction to complex points/miles earning techniques

Easy Go Guidebook

Discover the ins & outs of the world of points & miles. The Easy Go Guidebook is the go-to place for: 

  • The Easy Go Classroom, dedicated to teaching members the latest developments about points & miles

  • Organizing, managing, and understanding the credit cards in your customized virtual Easy Go Wallet

  • The Member Forum: a community of fellow Easy Go Travelers designed to share tips, showcase experiences, and even barter for miles, hotel stays, discounts, and more

  • Exclusive award travel information, including links, videos, and explanations of expert travel tips and points & miles earning opportunities

  • Deal Alerts & Notifications: Receive real-time updates on exclusive offers, fantastic travel deals, and opportunities to for increased points/miles earning opportunities

Booking Services

Earning points & miles is great, but award redemptions is where Easy Go Traveler truly shines! Airlines and credit card companies don't want to give you maximum value for your points & miles, but we do. We have a deep understanding of the complex airline award charts, partner redemptions, and obscure routing rules. We know how to make your hard-earned points & miles worth more.

Simply tell us where you want to go, and we will do the rest of the work. We'll search for award availability, build routing options on different airlines, and we'll even spend hours on the phone with the airline to get flights ready for ticketing. Check out these recent redemptions to see our expert booking skills in action.

Each Membership year, you will receive:


    • Two (2) Per Membership Year

      • Plan a trip anywhere in the world

      • We prepare intricate flight plans taking advantage of little-known routing rules (e.g., adding extended layovers, stopovers, and open-jaw routes) which vary by airline awards program

      • See as many destinations as your schedule and the award ticket rules will allow

      • Booking is hassle-free. We will work with the airlines to get the itinerary ready for ticketing.

      • Itinerary is subject to seat availability

      • Additional Full Concierge Bookings may be purchased by Members for $150 per trip


    • Single Membership: Four (4) per Membership Year

    • Companion Membership: Six (6) per Membership Year

      • Available only for flights within North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico)

      • Want to see if there is award availability on an upcoming flight?

      • Wonder if we can find a better price for you?

      • Not sure if you should pay cash or use miles for short-haul flights?

      • Give us your itinerary, and we'll cross-check your plans to help you make the best ticketing decisions

      • Additional Award/Price Checks may be purchased by Members for $39 per trip

Destination Advice

We've had memorable experiences on every continent, and we want to make sure Members have memorable experiences too, both on the ground and in the sky. While we aren't a travel agent, we will help you plan your trip by:

  • Offering advice on destinations, itineraries, and routings as you plan your trip

  • Connecting Members to our network of friends & guides across the globe, who will offer unique experiences to Easy Go Travelers

  • Providing itineraries and recommendations on where to sleep, eat, drink, and sightsee for select destinations

  • Sharing travel tips discovered by the community of other Easy Go Traveler Members

  • Assistance with rebooking arrangements during those unforeseen times when your travel plans don’t go as expected

Easy Go Amenity Kit

Once you sign up as an Easy Go Traveler, you'll receive the Easy Go Amenity Kit to make sure you hit the ground running. Inside, you'll find some of our favorite travel essentials. Plus, your kit will include your own Easy Go Traveler t-shirt, the most comfortable shirt in the skies. This quality t-shirt is a great way to let everyone know you embrace the Award Travel Lifestyle. Take a photo wearing the shirt while you're lounging on the plane or sight-seeing around the world, and we'll share your photos on our social media channels.

^Companion Members must be legal spouses/partners. In many cases, family members may need to be authorized users on each others' credit card accounts, transfer miles (which some credit cards and airlines limit to immediate family), share award accounts, and share login/password information. Travelers who are not eligible for the Companion Membership may sign up for separate Single Membership plans.