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  • Membership is designed for leisure travelers and includes award flight Ticketing Services for two trips per membership year.

  • Members have access to unlimited hotel and cruise revenue bookings with our preferred partners.

  • Membership commitment continues quarterly for a minimum of one year. Commitment extends annually upon ticketing a flight for travel scheduled in any subsequent membership year.


  • One-time Activation Fee: $50

  • Add-on Ticketing Services (if you’re lucky enough to travel more than twice per year): $250 per trip

  • Non-Member Ticketing Fee (per person):

    • Member’s child (under 25): $50 per trip

    • Non-Member: $250 per trip

  • Close-in Ticketing Fee:

    • Last minute award seats can be more difficult to find. We encourage members to give as much notice as possible so we can find the best available deals. Ticketing Service requests submitted less than 90 days before departure will incur an additional charge of $100.

  • Changes/Cancellations to ticketed trips (includes changes to dates, routings, passengers, etc.): $100 plus airline charges

  • Members may gift Ticketing Services to children and non-members. Click HERE to see how gifting a trip works.