Iā€™m J.J. Todd, the Founder of Easy Go Traveler. I grew up in Los Angeles, California, and I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my with my wife (Carlee) and two dogs (Dublin & Berlin). 

Ever since I first visited Europe nearly two decades ago, I haven't been able to shake the travel bug. But at nearly 7 feet tall, flying long-distances in economy is too difficult. So, I put my skills as a lawyer to good use. I've developed creative strategies to earn enough points & miles to wander to all corners of the globe. Not only do Mrs. Easy Go Traveler & I travel affordably, we travel in style - luxurious lounges, lay-flat seats, and fine dining - and we do it all on a shoestring budget. It really makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

When it comes to my points & miles, I admittedly have a bit of 'mad scientist' in me. Many of the strategies I use are straightforward, but I have come up with some pretty crazy plans too. For instance, over the last six years, I sold my car and instead have renting cars on a near-daily basis. The airline mileage kickbacks I would receive on each rental were worth more than the cost of the rental car. In fact, in 2017, I earned over 1.2 million miles by renting cars! Or there's the time I made Mrs. Easy Go Traveler take eight flights between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in one day, just so we could earn a Southwest Companion Pass before the points expired. In my mind, every hard-earned dollar I spend is an opportunity to get closer to a new destination.

Using all of these creative strategies, I've:

  • earned millions of points & miles

  • booked over $1 Million in free award flights

  • visited over 60 countries, and

  • flown enough miles to circumnavigate the globe dozens of times.

As much as I enjoy travel, I equally enjoy helping others travel. So, I started Easy Go Traveler to share the Award Travel Lifestyle with you. But don't worry - you don't have to rent a different car every day... unless that sort of thing interests you.

I look forward to being a part of your travel adventures. 

- J.J.