Gifting Ticketing Services

  • Members can gift their Ticketing Services to non-Members, subject to the following rules and fees.

  • Members may gift both included Ticketing Services (two per membership year) or Add-On Ticketing Service (purchased for $250 per trip).

  • Non-Member Ticketing Fee applies to all gifted trips:

    • Non-Member: $250

    • Members’ Child (under 25): $50

  • All points & miles used to book gifted trips must come from members’ accounts.

  • A gifted trip counts toward the Ticketing Service allotment in the membership year in which travel begins.

  • Non-Members using points & miles from their own accounts require their own membership. Check out our Referral Bonus.

  • Easy Go Traveler reserves the right to limit or restrict gifting of Ticketing Services.


When the gifted trip is one of Member’s two included Ticketing Services, Non-Member Ticketing fees are $250 for Non-Member passengers and $50 for Members’ Child.

If Member has used the two included Ticketing Services, Members may purchase Add-on Ticketing Services for $250 per trip. The Non-Member or Members’ Child Ticketing fees still apply in addition to the Add-on Ticketing Service fee (e.g., two passengers = $250 Add-on + $250 per passenger = $750).