These are the most common questions we receive about Easy Go Traveler. If your questions aren't answered below, don't hesitate to contact us

I don’t understand airline miles or credit card points. Will Easy Go Traveler be too complicated for me? 
We make points and miles approachable for everyone. You'll receive simple tasks and strategies to earn enough for your travel goals. We tailor all strategies to your comfort level, so it should never be too complex. And when it comes time to make difficult bookings, we'll handle that for you. All you need to worry about is where you want to fly for free on your next trip.

I’m not an experienced traveler. Can Easy Go Traveler help me? 
Absolutely. By following the tasks and strategies we teach you, you'll become a seasoned traveler before you know it. We're here to help you every step of the way. We've helped send dozens of people on their first international trip, and they all come back ready to travel more.

I’m a frequent business traveler. Will Easy Go Traveler be a useful tool for me? 
It’s possible. Depending on your mileage accumulation, frequency of travel, and the flexibility of your travel plans, Easy Go Traveler may be able to create mileage-based solutions to meet your business needs. If you would like to discuss a business plan, please contact us.

Does an Easy Go Traveler Membership work for a family with children? 
Yes, though Members with children often have different goals for their membership. During your EasyGo Intro meeting, you'll discuss where you plan to travel and your desired class of service. Since membership services are tailored to your travel goals, families and solo jet setters alike can benefit from a membership, albeit with different strategies to maximize mileage accrual and redemption values. Please reference Membership Levels for family pricing structures.

What should I expect out of an Easy Go Traveler membership? 
More affordable travel. More luxurious travel. More frequent travel. Many trips of a lifetime. It all depends on your travel goals and how actively you use the strategies you learn. At a minimum, you’ll develop an appreciation for the benefits that points & miles provide. But with a bit of work, you may be circumnavigating the globe in First Class for incredible value. You’ll get out of your membership what you put into it.

How does Easy Go Traveler help me earn more miles?
We’ll start by analyzing your travel goals and spending habits to make sure you are carrying the best credit cards and earning the most points & miles on every dollar you spend. Then, we’ll design simple strategies tailored to your spending habits. As you get more comfortable with these strategies, we will continue to teach you advanced methods to earn even more miles.

How does Easy Go Traveler help me use my miles?
Airlines keep their frequent flyer programs complicated by design. From black-out dates to limiting seats to changing routing rules and redemption values, the airlines are consistently changing their programs. We have solved the jigsaw puzzle: we understand the best ways to redeem miles for the greatest value on the nicest airline products. We'll even let you know when booking a revenue ticket is a better value. When you’re ready to book a trip, we’ll handle the flight planning for you, so you can rest assured that your miles will be put to good use. 

How are you different from a travel agent?
Easy Go Traveler is not a full-service trip planner. We don't provide one-off travel bookings. Instead, we look at our services as a lifestyle, not a product. Travel agents make money by taking a commission from your bookings, so they may be incentivized to up-sell you on flights, hotels, and excursions. Easy Go Traveler is very different. Once you are a Member, our goal is to help you travel in style while saving you as much money as possible.

How are you different from a travel blogger?
Some travel bloggers offer great articles, but they can't give you the full story because a sustainable travel award lifestyle is too personalized and too complex for an article. So instead, travel bloggers make money by publishing cookie-cutter advice to appeal to a broad audience. Unfortunately, when left to their own devices, blog readers make mistakes, especially when it is time to redeem points & miles for flights. In contrast, Easy Go Traveler offers customized advice, hands-on guidance, and one-on-one attention. Our only goal is to make sure our Members see the world and have incredible flying experiences while saving money and headache.

Is Easy Go Traveler a full service travel agent? 
No. Easy Go Traveler's services are largely limited to flights. We will guide you toward lucrative hotel deals, but we leave the booking up to you.As a Member, you will also have access to a database of destination advice, recommendations, and incredible global experiences. Although we make recommendations for select destinations, Easy Go Traveler is not a trip planner, a full-service travel agent, or a tour guide.

How do membership fees work?
Membership fees vary based upon the number of travelers designated in your package. By accepting a membership, you are committing to a one year minimum. Membership fees are billed quarterly. After your first year, you may cancel by providing 30 days advanced written notice to Easy Go Traveler. Dues will not be refunded at the time of cancellation.

Can Easy Go Traveler use my points and miles to book travel for a non-member? 
Yes, as long as you are also flying on the same itinerary. Additional fees may apply for adding a non-Member passenger to your booking.

I'm concerned about my credit. Is Easy Go Traveler right for me? 
Many of the strategies you'll use as a Member involve applying for and using the proper credit cards. Members are best served if they are willing and able to apply for new lines of credit, as this will enhance points and miles earning opportunities. In fact, Members generally realize an increase to their credit score because their debt-to-credit ratio decreases each time a new line of credit is opened. That said, Members have discretion to use their credit as they deem fit, so your personalized strategies will be adjusted accordingly.

Does Easy Go Traveler provide financial advice?
No. We may provide you with information about your credit score, credit card account applications, or spending techniques to maximize miles. However, Easy Go Traveler does not provide or recommend any taxation or financial advice. We recommend you contact a third party for any questions about your personal finances. 

How much personal information do I need to give to Easy Go Traveler?
That’s completely up to you. We understand that everyone feels differently about sharing personal and financial information, so we will never push you to share anything you’d prefer to keep private. However, the more information you share, the more detailed and personalized our mileage-earning strategy will be. Also, you can take comfort in knowing that I am a licensed attorney, so I understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and in confidence.