📣 Three Things for Thursday: Back to the Basics

Hey everyone. Today's note is just three simple reminders. This game of points and miles can get complicated and overwhelming, but let's not forget: it's the simple things that matter most. Don't sweat the small stuff & leave the complicated stuff to me!

1) If you aren't working toward a sign-up bonus, it might be time to consider another credit card. Drop me a note and we can decide what is next.

2) Keep an eye on all those pesky emails from the banks - sometimes good deals pop up. For those of you with a Freedom Unlimited, Chase is sending out targeted offers (I didn't get it) for 3,000 bonus points if you spend $1,000 in each of August, September, and October. You just have to activate the offer in the email if you're targeted.

3) If you have a Chase Ink Preferred, are you milking the 3x points for payments on Plastiq? I just spoke with a member who is going to earn over 300,000 points this year just by paying rent and car payments with that card. That's 2 trips anywhere in the world in Biz Class just for making payments he was already making! 
If you have this card, reach out to me so we can really leverage this opportunity. And if you don't have this card, then you still have a shot at the 80,000 points sign up bonus!