📣 Deal Alert: Miles for Stock Advice

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.13.46 PM.png

Want a quick 7400 AA miles (worth ~$140)?
Or how about 5800 United miles (worth ~$110)?
Or 5400 Alaska miles (worth ~$115)?

These are the current increased bonuses you can get by signing up for a Motley Fool subscription - a website that gives stock advice. You have to keep your account active for 45 days to get the miles, so you'd end up paying two months of subscription ($19/mth).

To access these deals, you have to use the shopping portal of your choosing to make the purchase. Go to cashbackmonitor.com and search for Motley Fool. It will then lead you to the shopping portal of your choice. (you can only choose one of these deals, so pick a program that you're already collecting.)

$38 out of pocket for over $100 worth of miles is a nice deal. And who knows, maybe you get some great stock tip in the process (or maybe you never read a word of it). Just don't forget to cancel before you get billed for a third month!

Reach out if you have any questions!