📣 New Amex Offers

If you have an Amex in your wallet, don't forget to check your Amex Offers from time to time. These neglected deals can sometimes be great ways to earn tons of points or cash back. Access your offers by logging into your account and scrolling to the bottom of the Account Summary page.

Some new offers have popped up in recent days that you may find appealing. For example:

- 3x points on all Amazon purchases (I have this on my Platinum card)
- 15,000 points for spending $750 at any Four Seasons hotel in the US
- 5,000 points for spending $250 at certain Hilton properties
- 2,000 points for spending $100 at Wayfair
- and hundred of others

A couple reminders:
1) Be sure to read the terms to make sure your purchase qualifies. I've made that mistake before.
2) Everyone has different offers on their cards, so you may not have theses ones I mentioned, but you may have others that I don't have. Scroll through them - most cards have dozens to choose from. If you have multiple cards, be sure to look at each card separately!

If you have any questions, you know where to find me!