📣 Breaking News: Hotel Happenings

Lots of new information is being released today from a couple major hotel loyalty programs. 

Hyatt and Chase announced a new credit card this morning (the World of Hyatt card), available immediately. It slightly improves on the old Hyatt card while increasing the annual fee from $75 to $95. I'm personally quite pleased with new version, and some of you may be good candidates for it on the back-end of your 5/24 count.

But I'm not so pleased with what we found out today about the imminent Marriott/SPG merger.  Fortunately, we have until August 1 to prepare. Without getting into the weeds, if you have a significant number of points in either program (50k or more SPG, 150k or more Marriott), you should schedule a meeting with me to start strategizing. If you don't take action in advance, you could lose some serious value.

I'll keep monitoring for more updates. Stay tuned!