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Have you seen the insane cost of a
premium cabin plane ticket from the US to Europe?

Or have you ever wanted to stay at a luxurious hotel, only to find that it was five times the price of your budget? 

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Easy Go Traveler, First Class, Airline, Business Class, Travel, Travel Rewards, Points and Miles

What if there was an easy way to experience luxurious travel without the exorbitant price tag?

There is. We call it the
Award Travel Lifestyle.

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Relax in luxurious airport lounges & sleep in a lay flat bed when you're 35,000 feet up in the air

Enjoy fine wine & gourmet food, and get to your destination rested, happy, and ready to embrace the day ahead

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Easy Go Traveler, Austrian, Austrian Airlines, First Class, Business Class, Luxury Travel, Points and Miles

Maximize the points & miles you earn on every purchase so you can fly in first class style for incredible value. Discover the Award Travel Lifestyle with Easy Go Traveler!

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